Sunday, June 30, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. Guess that Slang Crawls Urban Dictionary for a multiple choice trivia game
  2. Self-Sustaining House Construction companies create houses that are off the grid with the help of alternative energy. The yard contains a variety of plants that fulfill your daily dietary needs.
  3. Vocalize browser plug-in that pronounces whatever word you click - whether it's in English or another language. Forvo as a plug-in.
  4. Summarizr feed in multiple articles and documents; output a summary. Few techniques can include finding synonyms and similar structured sentences and deduplicating them; grouping relevant sentences together; stripping out fluffy words and sentences using a predefined data store
  5. Instant Reroute use live GPS data from cars nearby to detect bottlenecks. Google Navigation will then reroute you accordingly
  6. Song Splicer throw in a few of your favourite songs and the application will remix them together based on formulae on what sounds good
  7. Augmented Reality MMORPG look through your phone/tablet/Glass/electronic-headgear to view monsters to slay, treasures lying around, other people's alter ego layered on top of the real world. Same idea as DennĊ Coil without the fantastical elements
  8. Faith Exchange Interfaith program where different churches/mosques/synagogues/temples swap congregations for a month to get a sense of other religions
  9. Repulsive Bumpers Automative bumpers become standardized to hold a negative charge. They will naturally repel each other when they get too close.
  10. Weather Finder Craving sunny skies? Winter snow? The app will find the closest location with the weather you want

I get around twenty hits every time I publish a post. Sometimes I wonder whether there are bots that crawl through every updated blog, or if there are a dozen or so real people that actually visit every time. If it's the latter, how do you find me?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. Car Remote Tracker A remote that shows where your car is on zoomable Google Maps in small display
  2. Shoe Sensor Sensors on your shoes that measure amount of stress you're putting on each part of your foot. Helps you correct your running posture.
  3. Karaoke Unlimited App on TV that let's you search for any song. Crosslinks to Youtube/Vimeo/free-video-streaming-site for a music video. Auto-generates captioning with audio data.
  4. Mood-Sensitive Content Type in the mood you want to get into and you'll receive relevant articles, videos and music
  5. Digital Windows Look outside and see any weather you want. Rain with accompanying raindrops sound effects.
  6. Foe Glass Type in people you do not want to run into. App will alert you if you're nearing their vicinity.
  7. Hydration Reminder Set your weight and activity level on a wristband. Graphical representation of how much water you need to drink. Beeps if you are not hydrating at a proper rate.
  8. Card Game Teacher App that teaches you how to play card games. From interactive basic tutorial to advanced tips for any game from Slapjack to Poker. This app + deck of cards = infinite variety of entertainment
  9. Singing teacher video tutorials on singing. Takes in your voice samples and gives you feedback.
  10. Mobile Printer Small micro-usb printer that attaches to your phone. Prints out small documents and receipts

I'd like to learn how to sing someday. Way back when I was taking piano lessons, my teacher said I had a good voice. I feel like I have a terrible voice now. If I move my singing level from destructive to passable, that'll be a win in my books.

- 10 ideas -

  1. Real Life Mute Button a headphone that can record a clip of someone's voice and cancel that voice out (with Linkin Park)
  2. Multipart Wallet mix and match cardholder, cash holder, coin holder. Attach and detach parts with zippers.
  3. Tab Keeper Add your group of friends through Facebook and keep track of what everyone owes everyone else. Paypal integration for automatic repayments after a certain period.
  4. Electric-Only Lanes Lanes on the road for only electric cars. They have wireless charging surfaces so you're constantly being charged while travelling over it.
  5. Camping Auto Sentry an infrared sensor that sweeps around the campground. Sounds an alarm when it senses a bear or a suspicious person approaching
  6. Nerf-Gun with String Bullets the problem with Nerf guns is bullets are easily lost. If bullets left trailing strings attached to the gun, you could reel the bullets back in.
  7. Mood head band the inside of the band measures your brain waves and the outside of the band will display a corresponding colour. Similar to mood rings, except it works.
  8. Multi-colour Contact Lens Contact lens that change colours depending on the temperature
  9. All-You-Can-Drink Buffets Buffet with all sorts of interesting drinks. Entrance fee is cheap but charge to use the washroom.
  10. Fifteen Seconds of Fame Start a Youtube channel that star a random person every day. They have fifteen seconds to say or do something.

I'm honestly exhausted right now. Trampoline dodgeball, board games, karaoke, lunch and dinner outings took me past midnight before I finally got home. Why am I finishing this up at 4am? A mix of me telling my coworkers that I'd do it, and chaining consecutive days. And sweet, sweet adrenaline keeping me from falling asleep.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. E-Notepad a small waterproof touchscreen device that can take pictures and handwritten notes. Syncs to the cloud so you can access anywhere else.
  2. Printed Furniture Store Industrial sized 3D printer that specializes in printing furniture. Endless customizations and cheaper than IKEA!
  3. Glow-in-the-Dark Sports Fields Lines, balls and jerseys are all glow-in-the-dark so you could play without stadium lights. Potentially less expensive.
  4. Worldwide Tag everyone signs up on a site with their device ID. A random person is "It". That person has to track down any other player in the game. Security screening necessary for obvious reasons (e.g. stalkers). Another option is to play this with an online group of friends.
  5. Act Something Charades online. Get a random word or phrase. Shoot a clip of yourself on Instagram Video/Vine/Generic Social Video Platform. Send it over to your friend to guess.
  6. Rent-a-Driveway Have an empty parking spot? Rent it out for a set amount of time. Essentially AirBnB for parking.
  7. Inheritance Cap To fix income inequality (an increasingly worsening problem), the amount of assets you can pass on should be limited to an average person's lifetime salary.
  8. Habit reformer Helps analyze your habit loop (i.e. keeps results of various rewards and tracks your cues) and records the number of days you've successfully stuck to a new habit
  9. Real-Time Fact Checker by accessing Watson via the web and using speech-to-text, instantly fact check someone's claim. The cure to the increasing number of people that are good at bullshitting
  10. Who's Free Right Now sends a message to nearby friends that appear to be stationary and ask them if they want to hang out

Sounds like quite a few ideas have already been implemented. And that's a good thing! If I didn't feel they were fun or useful or critical to the greater good, I wouldn't be writing them down. So it's nice to hear that ideas being worked. Here's a bonus eleventh idea for today: a central ideation platform complete with tagging, searching and wiki for collaboration.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. Government Bill Alert list your interests and you will be alerted when a relevant bill is introduced or passed. Summarized, plain-speak version of the bill and your local rep's contact info is included.
  2. Plastic-coated metallic water bottles With BPA being a concern for plastic bottles, metallic bottles are a nice alternative. However, hot water makes these bottles unholdable.
  3. Auto-Adjust Light and Temperature Sensors detects the amount of light and warmth available at each window. Opens and closes windows and blinds to maintain proper room lighting and temperature.
  4. Tardiness Counter track how late people are to meetings and events. Once a person accumulates a predefined amount of tardy minutes, s/he has to treat everyone to a round of drinks
  5. Investment Compare by putting in your risk tolerance and the amount you're willing to invest, it searches across all banks and funds to find the optimal investment for you
  6. A Different Perspective collect video diaries recorded by Google Glass, and let people live vicariously through someone across the globe
  7. Failproof Tracker a tracker with a mix of GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC emitters. Be able to track anything from anywhere across to globe with a precision of 10cm or less
  8. World-Tour Package for a set price and schedule, a tour company will take you through the highlights of every U.N.-recognized country in the world
  9. Event Organizers Toolbox a shared calendar that shows where everyone will be and what they will be doing. Can add pictures, documents and links to each action
  10. Waterproof, Breathable Tarp rather than board up entrances in flood-prone areas, throw this tarp over your entire house. Re-usable, fast and less work.

I'd like the world to be a more transparent and friendly place. I'd also like more shortcuts in my life because lazy. Most of my ideas will reflect those two facets.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. Direct Creator-to-Consumer Platform an author or artist displays a preview of their work to get initial crowdsourced funding. The end product can be purchased for a set price anywhere and anytime. A mash of Kickstarter and iTunes.
  2. Online Bartering System users list items they have or services they're willing to provide. Then they list items or services they need. The system will automatically perform matches. Eliminates the need for any type of money.
  3. Save-to-Home Digital SLR a DSLR that automatically syncs to your home computer or a cloud photo storage
  4. Ergonomics Enforcing Workstation the workstation has a list of sensors to detect bad ergonomics (e.g. bad posture, one position too long) and alert the user to prevent injuries
  5. Open Debate for any debatable topic, users can submit and upvote evidence and persuasive arguments on either side. No downvoting is allowed to give minorities a voice.
  6. Career Shadower a global job shadowing platform where you can let someone shadow you at work. Job holders have to be confirmed before being admitted to the system and they approve screened job seekers. Essentially Take Your Kids to Work Day on steroids.
  7. Life Skills 101 introduce incredibly useful skills - money management, meditation/mindfulness, habit forming - from grade school
  8. Diet Analyzer mobile app using image recognition. Take a snapshot of everything you eat and automatically outputs the nutritional categories you're matching, exceeding or falling short of
  9. Work Exchange find someone with a similar skill set across the world and swap places for six months. Employers could count it as training for employees. Essentially, a student exchange program for the working world
  10. Automated Emotes insert an emote based your current expression (via front-facing camera) o(≧▽≦)o

If these ideas are very technology and mobile focused, it's because that's what I'm most familiar with. Besides, mobile is the largest, fastest growing mass medium ever. Over half the world has a mobile device, and the number of mobile devices in use exceed seven billion. Still, I imagine I could get more and better ideas if I had more experience living elsewhere and working in other fields. African farmer? Italian reporter? Server in Brazil?

Monday, June 24, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. Sleep Cycle-Aware Alarm Clock an alarm clock that simulates gradual daylight and bird chirps when it detects that you exit deep sleep (i.e. in NREM)
  2. Work-Related Toolset Lock preset what software and websites you need for your current task. You are not allowed to use anything else for a set amount of time.
  3. Common Interest Alert a Facebook app that automatically detects people nearby that have your common interest
  4. Grocery Cost Minimizer give it a shopping list and the app will output the lowest cost dependant on the food price and gas price (i.e. price it cost to travel to that store)
  5. Button of Last Resort it will contact a preset list of people through all possible means (e.g. text, Facebook) with your location, that you need help, the location of your will and any last words to them
  6. Love My Life opposite of FML. Stories of optimism. Bonus: is available
  7. Smartphone Picker enter in what's important to you and it will match you with a smartphone. Geolocates where you are to filter phones that do not have the right frequency.
  8. Mobile LAN Create a network that's only available to phones around you. Useful for chatting, sharing and gaming off the grid.
  9. Robotic Passenger Pigeon attach a payload and set a GPS coordinate. Marketing pitch: guaranteed to be not tracked by the NSA.
  10. Automated Chauffeur Service rather than owning cars, we should be able to subscribe (lifetime/monthly/per-use) to driving service run by self-driving cars

I'm slowly running out of ideas that have been sitting in my head for ages. That means it'll be harder to squeeze ten ideas out of my brain every day, but I suppose that's the point of the exercise. Some of these might have already been made. If not, I hope someone is working on it!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. Open Lobby a platform where people can upvote political issues and crowdsource a lobbyist to push that issue
  2. randomly generate an interesting thing to try out. Bonus point: domain name is available!
  3. Career Path career site that provides job simulator (e.g. flight simulator for pilots), testimonial from a person that truly loves their job and a set learning path for all possible jobs
  4. GTD Complete a mobile+web app that helps you through the Getting Things Done process
  5. Four-Quadrants Mobile a mobile+web app that let's you do Four-Quadrants on the fly
  6. Word Games Generator a generator for pictionary and charades with a huge, crawled database of words and phrases. The key is having crowdsourced tagging of how difficult each word and phrase is to draw or act out
  7. Personal Cloud an open source toolkit to run your personal mail server, photo sharing albums and so on. Similar to the shift from mainframe to personal computers.
  8. Pedestrian Overwalks Elevate pedestrian crossing above traffic to eliminate the risk of someone getting killed while crossing the road
  9. Mobile Wallet Government issued ID, reward cards, credit cards all stored on your phone behind a strong password
  10. Augmented Reality Notes mobile device does image recognition on whatever you point at and retrieves any notes you may have made