Monday, June 24, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. Sleep Cycle-Aware Alarm Clock an alarm clock that simulates gradual daylight and bird chirps when it detects that you exit deep sleep (i.e. in NREM)
  2. Work-Related Toolset Lock preset what software and websites you need for your current task. You are not allowed to use anything else for a set amount of time.
  3. Common Interest Alert a Facebook app that automatically detects people nearby that have your common interest
  4. Grocery Cost Minimizer give it a shopping list and the app will output the lowest cost dependant on the food price and gas price (i.e. price it cost to travel to that store)
  5. Button of Last Resort it will contact a preset list of people through all possible means (e.g. text, Facebook) with your location, that you need help, the location of your will and any last words to them
  6. Love My Life opposite of FML. Stories of optimism. Bonus: is available
  7. Smartphone Picker enter in what's important to you and it will match you with a smartphone. Geolocates where you are to filter phones that do not have the right frequency.
  8. Mobile LAN Create a network that's only available to phones around you. Useful for chatting, sharing and gaming off the grid.
  9. Robotic Passenger Pigeon attach a payload and set a GPS coordinate. Marketing pitch: guaranteed to be not tracked by the NSA.
  10. Automated Chauffeur Service rather than owning cars, we should be able to subscribe (lifetime/monthly/per-use) to driving service run by self-driving cars

I'm slowly running out of ideas that have been sitting in my head for ages. That means it'll be harder to squeeze ten ideas out of my brain every day, but I suppose that's the point of the exercise. Some of these might have already been made. If not, I hope someone is working on it!

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