Saturday, June 29, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. Real Life Mute Button a headphone that can record a clip of someone's voice and cancel that voice out (with Linkin Park)
  2. Multipart Wallet mix and match cardholder, cash holder, coin holder. Attach and detach parts with zippers.
  3. Tab Keeper Add your group of friends through Facebook and keep track of what everyone owes everyone else. Paypal integration for automatic repayments after a certain period.
  4. Electric-Only Lanes Lanes on the road for only electric cars. They have wireless charging surfaces so you're constantly being charged while travelling over it.
  5. Camping Auto Sentry an infrared sensor that sweeps around the campground. Sounds an alarm when it senses a bear or a suspicious person approaching
  6. Nerf-Gun with String Bullets the problem with Nerf guns is bullets are easily lost. If bullets left trailing strings attached to the gun, you could reel the bullets back in.
  7. Mood head band the inside of the band measures your brain waves and the outside of the band will display a corresponding colour. Similar to mood rings, except it works.
  8. Multi-colour Contact Lens Contact lens that change colours depending on the temperature
  9. All-You-Can-Drink Buffets Buffet with all sorts of interesting drinks. Entrance fee is cheap but charge to use the washroom.
  10. Fifteen Seconds of Fame Start a Youtube channel that star a random person every day. They have fifteen seconds to say or do something.

I'm honestly exhausted right now. Trampoline dodgeball, board games, karaoke, lunch and dinner outings took me past midnight before I finally got home. Why am I finishing this up at 4am? A mix of me telling my coworkers that I'd do it, and chaining consecutive days. And sweet, sweet adrenaline keeping me from falling asleep.

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