Wednesday, June 26, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. Government Bill Alert list your interests and you will be alerted when a relevant bill is introduced or passed. Summarized, plain-speak version of the bill and your local rep's contact info is included.
  2. Plastic-coated metallic water bottles With BPA being a concern for plastic bottles, metallic bottles are a nice alternative. However, hot water makes these bottles unholdable.
  3. Auto-Adjust Light and Temperature Sensors detects the amount of light and warmth available at each window. Opens and closes windows and blinds to maintain proper room lighting and temperature.
  4. Tardiness Counter track how late people are to meetings and events. Once a person accumulates a predefined amount of tardy minutes, s/he has to treat everyone to a round of drinks
  5. Investment Compare by putting in your risk tolerance and the amount you're willing to invest, it searches across all banks and funds to find the optimal investment for you
  6. A Different Perspective collect video diaries recorded by Google Glass, and let people live vicariously through someone across the globe
  7. Failproof Tracker a tracker with a mix of GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC emitters. Be able to track anything from anywhere across to globe with a precision of 10cm or less
  8. World-Tour Package for a set price and schedule, a tour company will take you through the highlights of every U.N.-recognized country in the world
  9. Event Organizers Toolbox a shared calendar that shows where everyone will be and what they will be doing. Can add pictures, documents and links to each action
  10. Waterproof, Breathable Tarp rather than board up entrances in flood-prone areas, throw this tarp over your entire house. Re-usable, fast and less work.

I'd like the world to be a more transparent and friendly place. I'd also like more shortcuts in my life because lazy. Most of my ideas will reflect those two facets.

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