Sunday, June 23, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. Open Lobby a platform where people can upvote political issues and crowdsource a lobbyist to push that issue
  2. randomly generate an interesting thing to try out. Bonus point: domain name is available!
  3. Career Path career site that provides job simulator (e.g. flight simulator for pilots), testimonial from a person that truly loves their job and a set learning path for all possible jobs
  4. GTD Complete a mobile+web app that helps you through the Getting Things Done process
  5. Four-Quadrants Mobile a mobile+web app that let's you do Four-Quadrants on the fly
  6. Word Games Generator a generator for pictionary and charades with a huge, crawled database of words and phrases. The key is having crowdsourced tagging of how difficult each word and phrase is to draw or act out
  7. Personal Cloud an open source toolkit to run your personal mail server, photo sharing albums and so on. Similar to the shift from mainframe to personal computers.
  8. Pedestrian Overwalks Elevate pedestrian crossing above traffic to eliminate the risk of someone getting killed while crossing the road
  9. Mobile Wallet Government issued ID, reward cards, credit cards all stored on your phone behind a strong password
  10. Augmented Reality Notes mobile device does image recognition on whatever you point at and retrieves any notes you may have made

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