Saturday, June 29, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. Car Remote Tracker A remote that shows where your car is on zoomable Google Maps in small display
  2. Shoe Sensor Sensors on your shoes that measure amount of stress you're putting on each part of your foot. Helps you correct your running posture.
  3. Karaoke Unlimited App on TV that let's you search for any song. Crosslinks to Youtube/Vimeo/free-video-streaming-site for a music video. Auto-generates captioning with audio data.
  4. Mood-Sensitive Content Type in the mood you want to get into and you'll receive relevant articles, videos and music
  5. Digital Windows Look outside and see any weather you want. Rain with accompanying raindrops sound effects.
  6. Foe Glass Type in people you do not want to run into. App will alert you if you're nearing their vicinity.
  7. Hydration Reminder Set your weight and activity level on a wristband. Graphical representation of how much water you need to drink. Beeps if you are not hydrating at a proper rate.
  8. Card Game Teacher App that teaches you how to play card games. From interactive basic tutorial to advanced tips for any game from Slapjack to Poker. This app + deck of cards = infinite variety of entertainment
  9. Singing teacher video tutorials on singing. Takes in your voice samples and gives you feedback.
  10. Mobile Printer Small micro-usb printer that attaches to your phone. Prints out small documents and receipts

I'd like to learn how to sing someday. Way back when I was taking piano lessons, my teacher said I had a good voice. I feel like I have a terrible voice now. If I move my singing level from destructive to passable, that'll be a win in my books.

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