Sunday, June 30, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. Guess that Slang Crawls Urban Dictionary for a multiple choice trivia game
  2. Self-Sustaining House Construction companies create houses that are off the grid with the help of alternative energy. The yard contains a variety of plants that fulfill your daily dietary needs.
  3. Vocalize browser plug-in that pronounces whatever word you click - whether it's in English or another language. Forvo as a plug-in.
  4. Summarizr feed in multiple articles and documents; output a summary. Few techniques can include finding synonyms and similar structured sentences and deduplicating them; grouping relevant sentences together; stripping out fluffy words and sentences using a predefined data store
  5. Instant Reroute use live GPS data from cars nearby to detect bottlenecks. Google Navigation will then reroute you accordingly
  6. Song Splicer throw in a few of your favourite songs and the application will remix them together based on formulae on what sounds good
  7. Augmented Reality MMORPG look through your phone/tablet/Glass/electronic-headgear to view monsters to slay, treasures lying around, other people's alter ego layered on top of the real world. Same idea as DennĊ Coil without the fantastical elements
  8. Faith Exchange Interfaith program where different churches/mosques/synagogues/temples swap congregations for a month to get a sense of other religions
  9. Repulsive Bumpers Automative bumpers become standardized to hold a negative charge. They will naturally repel each other when they get too close.
  10. Weather Finder Craving sunny skies? Winter snow? The app will find the closest location with the weather you want

I get around twenty hits every time I publish a post. Sometimes I wonder whether there are bots that crawl through every updated blog, or if there are a dozen or so real people that actually visit every time. If it's the latter, how do you find me?

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