Monday, July 01, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. Google Doc Sync Right-click a folder or file on your desktop to enable two-way sync to Google Docs
  2. Electronic Signature With touchscreens becoming more mainstream, have a new HTML element called Signature Box where you can scribble in your signature
  3. Auto Sports Analyzer Seed an application every basic and advanced strategy in the book. Input game footage. Compare player and ball movement to the strategies. Output a complete analysis of what a team did right or wrong.
  4. Online Grade School Anyone can submit lessons on any subject. Crowdsourced upvoting system. Monetization for both teachers and the platform through matched one-on-one tutoring. A brief plug for MIT OpenCourseWare, Coursera and Khan Academy for the best online education platforms so far. We're still missing a truly open, crowdsourced platform though.
  5. Random Character Generator Auto-generate a name, traits and backstory. The key here would be to get each ingredient to match the other. Relevancy could be determined by crowdsourcing or learning algorithms.
  6. Self Awareness List situations you would normally encounter. Predict how you would react. Score yourself after every day and aim to improve that score. Also doubles as mindfulness training
  7. Trend Spotter crawls through social media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit) to find what is spiking up in terms of mentions
  8. Lyric Lookup Sing some lyrics of that song stuck in your head and automatically get the song name. Should be as easy as voice-to-text connected to parsed Google results
  9. Monitor Your House Sensors on every door and window. Mobile app displays which are opened and closed. You can be alerted if a door is opened.
  10. Tap to Print Stations Insert coin into printing station. Tap your mobile device. Prints document.

Whenever I tell my friends I'm posting ten ideas a day, they tell me ten a day seems a bit much. To be honest, the one most surprised might be myself - I thought I would've run out of ideas by now.

Reminds me of a conversation I had with my grade school Gifted teacher: she told me how universities have theses as their graduating requirements, and how each theses had to be different than any other. Boggled by the sheer number of unique theses there must've been (all the universities of the world and the army of grads from each one), I asked what if the ideas run out. She said the schools are founded with the assumption that they won't run out.

If somewhere out there, a 100-page theses on a new idea is being written every second, I can surely come up with ten quick new ideas.

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