Wednesday, July 24, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. Car Link In rush hour traffic, cars can link onto each other when both front and back cars agree. This can easily save hundreds of hours of doing nothing in traffic. Outside of rush hour, it will give ten seconds of warning before detaching again.
  2. Forecast Platform Platform to make predictions on any topic. Everyone's predictions are saved permanently and the most accurate forecasters are featured.
  3. Eye Tracking Input Use eye-tracking software to simulate both mouse and keyboard. Right-blink for click and left-blink to bring up keyboard. Use a Swype-like keyboard for faster keyboard entry. Useful for handicapped folks.
  4. Sundial Watch Watch that simulates a sundial. Has a portable lightsource attached.
  5. Mobile-Controlled Home doors, windows, lights and stairs can all be controlled from your mobile device
  6. Price Per Hour Fun Enter in activity or object and calculate the best bang for your buck. Parameters could be personalized.
  7. Vocalize Takes in a book and turns it into audio. Voice and pacing can be adjusted. For those that prefer to listen over read
  8. Lecture Attender Programmable voice recorder you can stick in lecture halls. Turns on and record remotely. Send voice data back to your computer. Speech-to-text software automatically transcribes into lecture notes. Never attend another lecture!
  9. Destination Randomizer Takes all reachable destinations on the map and gives you a random destination to travel to
  10. Activity Alert Set mobile alerts on whether your accounts have been accessed. Be notified where your Google accounts been opened and what actions have been taken in the last hour.

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