Saturday, July 06, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. Untranslatable Words Words that have no equivalent in English or vice versa. Crowd sourced the word source and the rating. This site comes close but I have no idea what's interesting and what isn't. For instance, lack of nunchi can cause you to perform an arigata-meiwaku. Similarly, we've all met someone who has a backpfeifengesicht.
  2. Emergency First-Aid Course In addition to basic CPR, they should teach emergency first-aid as part of physical education in high school. In fact, you would more likely treat a nosebleed or a broken bone than resuscitate someone without a pulse.
  3. 3D Mobile Accessory Shop Standard-sized 3D printer that sells phone and tablet covers at a cheap price. There are many stores out there that focus on only selling accessories and they all rip you off.
  4. 3D Kitchenware Shop Sell bowls, forks, knives, spoons, etc in bulk. Perfect for parties where you need tons of disposable cutlery. Customers can recover a portion of their cost if they return the materials cleansed, since 3D printed materials can be reused
  5. Neverending Story The icebreaker game where you start off with one sentence and the next person has to add another. However, this one is played one a world scale, so it will (theoretically) never end. It would be interesting to see what type of story would get spun out of this.
  6. Interesting Fact Generator Give the generator a thing or a person, and it will tell you interesting facts about it. Similar to trivia sections in Wikipedia before they became disallowed
  7. Social mind map invite a group of people on this online whiteboard. Someone starts with a term and everyone can brainstorm related terms. Terms will auto-suggest related terms based on other people's mind maps
  8. Modular Furniture You can lengthen or shorten a desk depending on the amount of space. Change a single bed to a double by snapping an extension in place. Slide in additional drawers.
  9. NFC Laptops Laptops with built-in NFC chips. Tap your phone to your laptop to sign into your session. Share files wirelessly through Android Beam/Bump.
  10. How to Rebuild Civilization 101 By the end of this hands-on course, you will know how to rebuild civilization from scratch if there was ever an apocalypse.

My ideas are often far removed from the real world, where they have constraints. How much money does it take to make? How long will I need to bring this to life? And most importantly, who will I need and who will I need to work around?

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