Saturday, July 06, 2013

- 10 ideas -

I completely forgot my Blogger is hooked up to Twitter. I wonder why no one told me about this; I only found out when I was looking up Twitter features.

One cool side effect of writing this series is that I get to skim through what's out there right now. I had to ditch ideas that are already in place (or at least tweak them). For instance, did you know there are swimming treadmills?

  1. Negotiation Blackbox Machine takes in available data on negotiators as well as what they're willing to give and get. Optimizes a win-win outcome or the best possible compromise
  2. Cyber Security 101 Teach kids basic online security. It's no longer good enough to tell them not to use their real names - Facebook has killed that model anyway. Differentiating between domain names and subdomain names; viewing file extensions; the permanence of anything you put online.
  3. Keep Connected Put in a list of your friends and tag them as "close", "acquaintance" or "new". The app will remind you to reach out to these friends based on the tag. Number of "close" friends to 230.
  4. Artifical Life Coach Feed this app info about yourself and let it plug into your online data. The coach will ask you relevant questions and give you advice based on its reference book. If you're in the listening mood, it can also talk about "itself" by pulling in stories other people told it.
  5. 3D Printed Movie Sets Print out movie set props. Especially useful if the scene involves plenty of destruction. Recyclable printed materials mean you can re-shoot that destruction scene as often as you like; as long as it's not Michael Bay level explosions. Might even be cheaper than special effects for indie films.
  6. Friendly Lumen Meter A device that measures how bright it is. Rather than listing vague numbers like all the lumen meters out there, this one looks like a thermometer and has activities (e.g. reading, watching a movie) instead of numbers. Combined with an adjustable light, you can prevent eyestrain.
  7. Socially-Aware Sound System Detects everyone in the room and their music preferences. Spins up an optimized playlist that will please most people most of the time. A cool side idea: everyone gets their own entrance music, like in television shows or Blue Jays games.
  8. What's Happening Here (or There) Show a map of the world and trending Twitter topics worldwide. You could zoom in, zoom out, circle a zone and trending topics will narrow to the location you want. If possible, crawl Facebook as well for a larger data set.
  9. One Social Media integrate Google+, Facebook and Twitter together. Search bar searches through all three platforms and returns results from each. Post to one or more feed. Newsfeed contains all streams. There are a few efforts in place but not well-made (e.g. G++)
  10. Who is This Enter a name and it will combine all publicly available online information about your target: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, any published articles, any news article mentions, etc. Useful for interview prep, looking up people at an event on the fly, and so on.

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