Wednesday, July 03, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. Voice Synthesizer Record yourself speaking out all the phonemes of your language (which aren't many); the app will now speak any phrase in your voice
  2. Eternal Expo Have a building with bookable booths that present demos and proofs-of-concepts year-round. Bring together innovators and investors
  3. Garage Houses With living space decreasing and living expenses increasing, people may start living in cars like this guy. Rent out shelters for cars so roaming people can feel safe for the night.
  4. Power Line Outlets Put power outlets for regular, USB and micro-USB chargers at each power pole. To prevent abuse, charge 25¢ for every hour of charging. After money runs out, power to outlet shuts off.
  5. Automated Litter Eaters Robot that has the map of a park or beach pre-programmed. Senses litter and automatically vacuums it in. Especially useful for dangerous litter like glass.
  6. Smart Fridge compartments for different foods. Automatically detects when you inserted a new item. Alerts you when an item is running low or has risk of spoilage
  7. Smart Microwave image sensor and learning algorithm to detect what you put in. Automatically starts microwaving when you close the door. Microwaves till perfection. Also senses how hot the microwavee is and automatically shuts down if there's a risk of burning.
  8. Capsule Bed Soundproof, breatheable glass slides over your bed. Play soft nature sounds of your choice, since some people may have a harder time sleeping in pure silence
  9. God Glass Google Glass/augmented-reality-headgear app where you speak a noun and you will see that object appear in your sight. Optionally take a photos and videos with that object in place. Essentially combines voice recognition plus Scribblenauts
  10. Book Shelf Optimizer Take a picture of all your books. The app will show you how to arrange all your books by optimizing shelf space.

It takes an average of 66 days to form a habit. Hopefully by the end of August, this process will become automatic and I'll be able to start a new habit.

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