Sunday, July 07, 2013

- 10 ideas -

As a kid, I had these big ambitious goals. Stuff like taking over the world, cold fusion and getting a million hits on a website. None of those are my goals now - owning the world sounds like a lot of trouble and the laws of thermodynamics are too strong - but if I keep blogging everyday, I might be able to achieve that last one.

  1. Save HTML As Ability to save entire wiki pages, HTML reference manuals or a blog subsection as a Word Doc or PDF. Helpful for offline browsing.
  2. Rock-View Task List Visualize your task list as a jar where you place different rocks inside. You designate one big rock every day, and 1-3 big rocks for the entire week. Big rocks are related to your personal goals. The other tasks take up less visual space to emphasize focus on what's most important to you. A Zen To Done style task list.
  3. Advanced Analytics for E-Sports break down and track every play in a game. For instance in League of Legends, did the person initiating a fight result in a successful team fight? Essentially, Synergy Sports for the growing, lucrative E-sports market. Much less money than the NBA, but also much easier to track and analyze.
  4. Sushi Fest Dozen of omakase chefs gather together to create a wide variety of sushi and sashimi. Prizes, high entrance fees, incredible taste. Works better near fresh fish sources like the ocean.
  5. Real Voice System An audio recorder/transmitter you could put in your mouth (like braces) and a pair of clip-on audio receiver/speaker earrings. With this, you can hear how people hear you all the time. A cheaper, less fashionable method would be to stick two folders in front of your ears.
  6. Global Local Tours Select your city and travel dates, and see what local tour guides are available. Prices and potential landmarks are shown. AirBnB for tourism.
  7. Influence Mapper Log-in through Facebook and see a breakdown on what you get influenced by. Analyzes your Likes, location, school/work to show you how the government, company executives, friends and family affect your life.
  8. My Local Politician Shows a breakdown of your local politician's votes, activity outside the Parliament, spending and a comparison of other candidates in the same district.
  9. Gamify Your Life Along the style of /r/outside, maintain your characters stats, quests and guilds online. Enter real life numbers like income, bench press, run times, education level to generate your stats. Quests are goals you have in life and guilds are communities you're part of (e.g. work, friends, family, volunteer organization).
  10. Cybernetic Pet Assistant A robot pet toy that follows you around. You can ask it questions and it will answer you. For example, you're wondering when you should head out to dinner so you ask your mechanical feline friend. She processes the question via Siri/Google Now/S-Voice and informs you that you should leave in ten minutes, and automatically puts your phone in navigation mode. Useful? Not really. But really freaken cool and doubles as a toy.

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