Thursday, July 04, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. Emotion Brace A bracelet or ring that reacts to quickly rising pulse or body temperature by turning cool. A good way to prevent yourself from saying something in anger, something you'd regret
  2. Detachable Hard-drives Desktops that can hot-swap out a hard-drive with another. Technically doable today, but with a lot of trouble. If this could be made as easy as plugging/unplugging a USB drive, it would solve large file transfer issues. People don't always have external hard drives on hand.
  3. Crowd-Sourced Trading Card Game Set up basic rules. People are able to submit their own card arts and card descriptions. The most upvoted ones get their own card and a small prize.
  4. Goal Breakdowner Put in a major goal you have and receive the tangible actions that will bring you closer to it. Crowdsourced solution will likely succeed since many people have the same major goals.
  5. Destination Comparison Put in your vacation dates. Receive a comparison of the most interesting destinations during that time. You could compare worldwide, within a country or even within a city - draw your own boundaries. Compared by timeliness (e.g. festival only on that date) and price (e.g. flight, stay in the area). Great way to get the best bang for your limited vacation time.
  6. Hype this Thing Don't like reading books? Not looking forward to this movie? Go to this site and get hyped with the most over-the-top sales pitches. A crazy cross of Cracked and Three Wolf Moon. Bonus: is available!
  7. Human Puppeteering A room where two people get wired up. The puppet moves exactly like how the puppeteer moves. Practical usages: correcting someone's swing, someone's punch, someone's running stance and so on.
  8. Stop-Motion Camera Camera specialized for stop-motion. View your current roll of film as a video. Delete and insert frames where needed. Upload as a set of photos or as a video.
  9. Edible Staples Stuff a chicken and staple it shut with edible staples. Fill a bell pepper and staple the two halves together. Randomly staple your food 'cause stapling is fun.
  10. Ariadne's Thread a big ball of waterproof, glow-in-the-dark string you can carry to explore a forest. Unroll the string and be able to track your way back.

For the first time since I started this, I felt my inspiration run dry. I kept thinking that I was all out of ideas and that it wouldn't be so bad to skip a day. Then I said screw it and kept going. Moral of the story? Music puts you in the zone.

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