Tuesday, July 02, 2013

- 10 ideas -

  1. Energy Level Meter Start by recording how energetic you are (ten point scale) and related events every hour. The app slowly learns your energy level patterns. Nudges you to take a break when you're likely to be tired; urges you to work on an important, demanding task when you're likely to be charged up.
  2. Augmented Reality Tours Put on augmented reality headgear and streetview through the Grand Canyon or the Antarctic. Audio guide activates on reaching certain destinations. Next best alternative to travelling to the place itself. Useful if you want to go, but can't. Or if you want to do in-depth planning for a future trip.
  3. What is this thing? Reverse image search using a large database of images. If unable to retrieve a result, optionally add categories (e.g. "animal", "cloud") to get a better result.
  4. How to make this meal Select a meal. The app will breakdown the exact next action you need to make that meal. For instance, geolocates the nearest grocery store and tells you which (and how much of) ingredients to buy. How to peel and cut the onion. Keeps a cooking timer for you.
  5. Soundproof Pod Set up a transparent bubble around your workstation that's completely soundproof. People will know not to disturb you
  6. Online Code Tutor stackoverflow (or another programming site) should offer experience programmers as tutors. They can view your desktop, watch you code, offer suggestions and help with stumbling blocks
  7. Manipulation Prevention 101 A one-week course that teaches logic and basic social psych in high school. Help people recognize fallacies by showing their general structure and common, relatable examples. We have one-week physical self-defense classes; why shouldn't we be taught to defend against the more common, mental attacks?
  8. Online Identity Shredder An open source tool where you input all your accounts and it automatically deletes every associated file in those accounts as permanently as possible. Then it closes the accounts for you.
  9. Augmented Reality Dashboard Car dashboard has an augmented reality overlay which highlights the roads you need to travel on and alerts you if anything is wrong (e.g. not even gas to make the trip).
  10. Phone Jammer Device that blocks radio and wi-fi signals. Good for dinners and parties to prevent people from going off into their own little mobile-enabled world

Ideation - coming up with new ideas - is the easiest and funnest part. Execution is much more difficult. I have a lot of respect for people who are able to constantly build things.

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